martedì 3 luglio 2018

Grenadier Duncan the Legend / Barbarian Giant


I bought this beauty in one of the many Oldhammer market groups on Facebook. The seller was an old hobbyist with a very impressive collection - I picked up the figures myself at the newspaper stall he runs in Magenta (a town near Milan), and had the chance to see a part of his collection stored in a cabinet in the back. Oldhammer fans can really be anywhere!

This particular miniature was created by Grenadier sometimes in the '80s. I have no idea who the sculptor was. After Grenadier went out of business, the range was picked up by Italian manufacturer Mirliton, who still offers the figure for sale today, as Duncan the Legend. Solegends lists it as "Barbarian Giant". Whatever: it's a nice sculpt of a smallish (slightly larger than an Ogre, smaller than a Minotaur) and beardy giant.

It wasn't easy to paint it: it's a huge chunk of lead that is heavy when you hold it, and there's a lot of detail to deal with: metal rings, severed heads, bags, weapons and so on. The sculpt is beautiful but I'm glad I'm finished painting it. It took some time! 

What do you think? Passable? Can't wait to use this miniature in a game!

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