lunedì 23 aprile 2018

GW Vampire Counts Skeletons / Skeleton Warriors

The set of 10 Skeletons, a classic from Games Workshop. It used to be named "Vampire Counts Skeletons" and, with the new AoS, was renamed "Skeleton Warriors" and rebased with round bases. I don't know from which year this set dates, nor who designed it, but it's a good set: plenty of options for personalization. Lots of fine details, from the quaintest ones (which I favour: coffins converted to shields, broken weapons, jawless or cracked skulls) to the silly ones (impractically big helms, shields with death symbols, oversized swords).

I quite enjoyed setting the models up and painting them. Here are a few of them:

Sigfried the Cruel was a servant of the Necromancer, his champion. When he got killed, his master brought back his remains, to wield again his weapons. The bastard scimitar could now be wielded with one hand, so the Necromancer fitted a shield with the bones of one of his enemies, also brought back and condemned to be bashed by enemies in order to protect Sigfried. The Necromancer always loved irony.

Eric Wildcharge was a reckless warrior and died the good death on the battlefield. The Necromancer brought him back. Although mindless, Eric still has a tendency to bellow challenges (even without voice) and to point his sword at the enemy champions.

Eleonora di Roccamara was the daughter of a prince and when her puny husband would not ride to war against the enemy, she would. A fearsome warrior, she still fights in undeath.

Gaston the Brave was fearless. So fearless, one day he challenged a giant. With one swoop of his mace, the giant smashed his shield and his head. But still Gaston got up, with a little help from the Necromancer.

This jolly fellowship is going to company the Necromancer is a few games of Skirmish. Will post something soon!

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