giovedì 25 gennaio 2018

Two Citadel Orcs

Lately I've been working on too many models at the same time and I don't have something new to show, so here's something old that I never put in the blog: two Orcs from Kevin Adams.

The Archer comes from the Orc Archers range released in 1988, and it's No. 2 on the page. I like this old school feel of an Orc with a sneaky smug, ready to shoot an arrow at an unaware enemy. He has a quiver, a chain mail that looks scavenged, and under it some animal fur (which I painted white because my Orc has been stealing sheep from Humiez). He is bare-footed and wears a hood, something adding a lot of character to an otherwise armoured Orc.

The other one looks less kunning but more brutal. Released in 1987 among the Orc Warriors (ORC1), he has his tongue pushed out in a bellow of rage and wields a crude polearm. He should have a buckler, too, but I haven't bothered yet to find one. He wears scavenged mail armour and sheepskins. He has a bow and quiver slung over his shoulders and big armoured boots. He also wears an eyepatch and a pointed helmet with fur lining, which makes him the leader.

The backstory here is that they were the only survivors of their warband and, after escaping the Humans of the lowlands, survived in the mountains by hunting and stealing sheep. Eventually they met a band of Goblins and submitted them to their leadership.

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