lunedì 22 gennaio 2018

Dostovius Hillmage, Citadel Wizard C02 (1985)

Citadel launched the C02 series, dedicated to Wizards, in 1983, and regularly expanded it. This piece is marked with the year 1985 but the first leaflet I found, in which this figure appears, is dated 1987 and here the wizard goes by the exotic name of Dostovius Hillmage. It's a very simple sculpt but I like it - it's essential. This wizard has a large beard, and long robe, a staff and a pointed finger as if casting a spell. You don't really need much else, do you?

A belt pouch for reagents, perhaps, yes. I wasn't able to find out the sculptor and I would guess one of the Morrison siblings.

I painted in a simple way as well. Didn't even attempt to do the eyes, even though they were very large. The robes are a dark blue, the hair brown wood, the belt brown leather. The twin-headed aquila belt buckle was painted a dark bronze. The skin pale, as befits one dedicated to the study of arcane arts.

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