lunedì 12 giugno 2017

Review: Khurasan Slav Subject Archers

Khurasan miniatures is a US manufacturer, a one-man company doing excellent figures in a very wide range. I ordered some samples last year but only now do I find the time to paint some. I have started several units but the first to be finished is this one: the Slav Subject Archers, Skirmishing (KM-904).

Part of the Avar range, this pack of 12 figures is sculpted in 15mm by Tony Aldrich. They are made in nice white metal: solid, bendable, detailed and clean of strange flash. They come in 2 poses.

I bought these to join my developing Magyar army for 9th-10th centuries, and they make a fine addition. The price was fair and the service very quick and with no mistakes. It took some time for delivery to Europe, but that's not the manufacturer's fault.

These archers have been painted according to internet images for early Slavs, since I'm no expert on the subject: but they are supposed to represent Slavic archers conscripted by the Magyars to help defend the territory and support the cavalry.

Painting them was quite fun and fast. Overall, a good product that I recommend to anybody interested in the time period.

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