domenica 7 maggio 2017

Mithril Haradan Mailed Infantry (M294) - 1993

This is one of my favourite Mithril figures of all times. I purchased this sometimes in 1998-2001, probably from the old Avalon shop near Stazione Centrale in Milan. My guess is that they had this figure on display since its issue, in 1993: unfortunately they never sold well.

It took me many months to decide to assemble its three parts and paint them red, white and black. It was a quick and dirty painbrush, but effective, and I am still happy about how it turned out.

I spent years looking for this figure when I rediscovered my old box of miniatures in 2010: somehow it was missing. It resurfaced in early 2017, at a house of some friends, stuffed in a jar together with some Citadel figures we used for WFRP. What a pleasant surprise!

I always liked very much anything from Harad, since the time I read Warlords of the Desert in the early 1990s. That was my first MERP adventure material I bought and somehow imprinted me with the exotic charm of Middle-earth's Southlands.

But the reason I especially love this sculpt is the sculpt itself, the exceptional harmony of it, the dynamic movement of the fighter raising the shield to protect his chest and face and thrusting forward with his sabre, half-parrying and half-lunging at the enemy.

The movement is clearer without the shield. Seriously, this is one of the masterworks of Chris Tubb.

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