mercoledì 21 settembre 2016

Generic fantasy Vikings (Alternative Armies Sidhe)

Got these two on eBay, together with a bunch of old Citadel miniatures. I didn't even notice these weren't Citadel, until I searched online (even though the Seller stated these were Alternative Armies Norse/Vikings).

"The Internet" tells me that these aren't actually supposed to be Vikings, but rather Sidhe, that is ancient Irish warriors opposing the monstrous Fomorians. But hey, they look enough like Vikings that somehow both me and the Seller on eBay got confused. I mean, not historical Viking, but Fantasy Viking can be a pretty broad category! Still, that explains the pointy ears of the red-haired one.

"The Internet" also tells me that these are sculpts of Bob Olley. He did quite a lot of sculpts with a very distinctive style back in the day, it seems, for many companies such as Citadel, Reaper and Ral Partha. Also, he's not the same Bob Olley who is as well a British sculptor, but working on bigger projects like lifesize statues of Stan Laurel (this one has a Wikipedia page).
The figures are from 1990, and at least one reports the author.

About these figures, I really like the detail, the bulkiness that is so typical of classic Warhammer style. And the best part are the cloaks.

I'm especially happy with the first one. The second, I was probably too lazy to finish properly. But still, it is nice.

I painted them to represent generic Fantasy Vikings, like for example Norseman mercenaries travelling to the Old World. They are handy characters both as allies and as enemies.

So I named them Olaf (after the PC of a friend) and Ivar (like the Engine Driver from the Who song).

Olaf Hrotkinson is the Viking every Old World's woman secretly wants. Blonde, muscular, confident and armed with a long moustaches and a thick, heavy sword. So lock your doors well, Nordlanders.

Ivar the Engine Driver had his nickname when he tried to steal a Dwarven Ironclad. From that moment on, he's always on the watch for the good chance to get rich at somebody else's expense. "A quick one, while he's away" is his motto, of course.

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  1. Those cloaks remind me of a Grenadier figure I have buried somewhere... I always assumed it was Sandra Garrity's but it may indeed be a Bob Olley. Anyway, nice painting, they rather look like they stepped out of a certain small village of indomitible Gauls...

    1. Thanks! Now that you mention the Gauls, I must say you're right... didn't occur to me before XD