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Mithril from the Past

One of the things that happen when moving from a home to another, is finding old boxes buried somewhere deep in a cabinet, or under a pile of other boxes in a closet. And when those boxes are opened... lo! the Past.

So here are a few Mithril miniatures that came out of one of those boxes.

MC 6 - Glorfindel


This is probably the first Mithril miniature ever I purchased and painted. That was back in the early '90s, and I used enamels. The result was not pleasing. So in the late '90s/early 2000s I washed it with some nasty acid and painted it again, this time with proper acrylics from Citadel. But I obviously got still a lot of way to go.
I know, the painting sucks, but the miniature is so pretty it still looks good under that layer of white.

M125 - Gandalf

Gandalf was purchased and painted in the late '90s/early 2000s. It's an improvement, although still far from being ok.

Haldir (M124 - Strider)

Here we are still in the late '90s/early 2000s. I wanted a miniature for my MERP PC Haldir the Elf, a Sinda warrior, and choose Strider as a base. Sometimes after I purchased the miniature, the GM had Haldir find a scale coat of laen, a crystal-like material - which I tried to represent by painting the tunic white and adding scales in pencil. Not particularly effective, but at least we are getting better than earlier attempts at painting.

Haldir and Aerin's Farewell (M343 - Aragorn's Leave-taking)

Haldir was not only a PC, but it was the main character of a story I started to write shortly after I read the Silmarillion. It involved the kidnapping of Haldir's bethroted, the Noldo Elf Aerin, by a raiding band of Orcs from Angmar. When I saw M343 from Mithril (that was the early 2000s) I knew it was perfect to represent the last meeting of the lovers before catastrophe, so I used it as a base to paint the scene.

My technique was improving, and I have to admit I put a lot of love and effort in this, so even after so many years I am still quite fond of this couple.

M371 - Advancing Axemen

These were the last Mithril miniatures I painted in the early 2000s (painted in full, at any rate - see later). Shortly afterwards I moved abroad and buried all the miniatures in a box until they re-emerged in 2016.



These Dwarves are meant to represent warriors from Drúhar's Folk, a branch of the Stonefoot Dwarves inhabiting the Iron Mountains in Middle-earth's Far North (at that time I was writing the fan module Far North). Here we are going somewhere at last, with blackwash on the chain mails.

And now they're back!

There is actually another miniature I started back at the time but I never finished. I am finishing it right at the moment and will be posting soon about it, so stay tuned!

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